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We empower people to challenge their impossible so that they can make it possible

Ray Bongers

At the age of 16 Ray was kicked out of his fourth and last school. His teachers said to him that he was a no-good who didn't want to learn and end up a no body. But that wasn't true, Ray loved to learn. The only thing was that he wanted to learn what he wanted, from who he wanted and when he wanted.

He already did that when he was 10 years old and wanted to make some money by selling flowers. He would go to the market to see how the 'flower-man' was selling these and learn from him. And that's exactly what Ray kept doing the rest of his life. 

He traveled half the world to learn from the best experts, people who are exceptionally good at what they do and were having results Ray still pursued for himself. And he spent a fortune on that. What people spent on the price of an average home that's what Ray spent on learning from the best.

"As an entrepreneur I'm not of the caliber Richard Branson or Mark Cuban. Not by far. But I was able to realize all of my dreams because I always focused on learning from the best, from those who already did what I still wanted to do.

That's why I started expertworkshop. To make it possible for everyone to learn from the best, at a price they can afford. No one should be held back."


We Believe: 
If You can learn it, 
You can do it.

Michel Drente

For over 20 years Michel has been working as a location- and production manager, line producer and unit manager for feature films. Michel has become a leading film producer in the Caribbean. He has experience with many renowned international clients as well as large budget productions.


Chris de Geus

Chris is a Director of Photography, Camera Operator,  Editor and Colorist. He pretty much does it all because he believes that the more you know about every aspect of product, the better you can be. He is been working professionally in the video production industry since 2009.


Jon Morisson

Jon is a Certified StoryBrand Guide who brings out the hero in every student. Too many teachers are playing the hero in their lessons and as a result are missing out on connecting with their students. Jon helps you get clear on your message so students will connect.


David de Bruijne

David believes in the quality of expert specialists and the chemistry of working together. A multi-skilled creative with hands-on approach ranging from concept, script writing, storyboarding, design and animation. He loves traveling and sports and puts it like this: “Paddle hard, catch your wave and ride it.”


Seema K Bharwani

Seema calls herself Workshop Experience Designer but we like to call her 'Content Queen'. Her passion is creating workshops that students love. She has spent  the last 14 years creating and delivering training programs + courses to over thousands of people including many Fortune 500 companies.


Barbara van der Woude

Barbara used to be a teacher 'Dutch-English' until she became a full time copywriter. She write's and edit's our website, blogs, social media content, press releases and ads. And she helps us doing it right both in Dutch and English. She just finished her first book: Resilience - SXM Open for business.


Kim Bongers

Kim takes care of hotel bookings, travel arrangments and everything else the production needs. Kim knows that for the best possible results every person on a production set should feel good and that everyone should get the food, drinks and snacks they like. But most of all she makes everyone feel at home. 


Dave Mourillion

Dave's expertise is that he can make everything look and feel better with sound. Dave worked as an audio designer for Q Music and Sky Radio and today he is in independent sound designer specialized in Music Mixing, Mastering, Creative editing, Recording and all Pro Tools available.


Avadhesh Yadav

Avadhesh is the heart of our online business. He works in the online industrie for over 10 years and without him we would not exist. He is creative, thorough and a fast worker, willing to do what it takes to deliver high-quality results. He makes sure business is open 24/7, looks good and works perfect.


The only thing you can't do, is what you didn't learn. Yet.

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